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marzo 25, 2024

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If you’re a multichannel business or payment service provider (PSP), you’ve probably experienced the need to: efficiently organize and manage your payment collection and disbursement; have options for delegating responsibilities to managers or heads of each location or branch; create different lines of business; or view all your transaction information in one place. If that sounds like you, your business needs the versatility of Kushki Hierarchies.

With this feature, you’ll get tools to manage your business through the batch creation of branches, the grouping of sub-merchants by categories, and a unified configuration for disbursing payments, all under a Master Customer, which allows you to manage and view transaction information and get reports. Keep reading to learn about everything Kushki Hierarchies can do for your business administration.

What is Kushki Hierarchies?

It’s the ability for a retailer or PSP to divide its business into branches, based on its categorization needs: whether by location, line of business, payment channel, or any other characteristic.

How does Kushki Hierarchies work?

As the name implies, Kushki Hierarchies is based on a model in which a business or PSP places its merchants or sub-merchants into a hierarchical system where they can more efficiently consult, view, and manage information about the collection and disbursement of funds, as seen below.

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Individual merchants will be able to request a configuration for their branch using their same financial and administrative information, or they can individualize certain data in each location (Branch or Sub-Merchant), such as:

  • Company information
  • Services
  • Financial configuration
  • Fees and discounts
  • Processes
  • Developer services (Webhooks)
  • Users
  • And more

Branches or Sub-Merchants are secondary merchants who may or may not be subordinate to the main merchant or PSP.

There are 2 types of Branches:


This is a branch (or branches) that shares the same basic information, fees, and financial configuration as the Main Merchant, as well as processors, payment methods, services, credentials and established users. They use the same exact information and configuration.


These are the branches that do not share the same information as the Main Merchant. Specific information can be configured for each branch in cases where financial or legal information differs.

In addition, each Branch can adjust its configuration whenever necessary to go from centralized to decentralized or vice versa. This centralization and decentralization can be configured individually per Branch or batched just as easily.

Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s say your merchant is a Retail business, specifically a supermarket chain, and you use the Hierarchy system to differentiate between branches within your city, outside your city, or even in other countries. With Kushki Hierarchies you’ll be able to:

  • Organize each supermarket’s point of sale by branch, both inside and outside of the country, centralizing all the information in a single platform.
  • Easily configure or update multiple branches at once, based on your company’s needs.
  • Use a single administrative console for global control of access, consultation and management.
  • Optimize billing and liquidation processes with disbursement to different accounts and with easy, unified reports.
  • Customize anti-fraud systems based on the point of sale.
  • Manage chargeback processes more efficiently.

It’s not just the Retail industry that benefits from our Kushki Hierarchies service. Here are some examples of where other industries can benefit from the versatility of this feature:

- Gambling: Create various business lines; one for delivering winnings, another for sports betting, and another for casinos or anything else your business needs.

- Utilities: Ideal for determining which institutions and cities are collecting the most money so you can come up with new strategies to strengthen sub-merchants who aren’t performing as well.

- Education: If you have tuition collection software for several educational institutions, configure your branches so each school’s payments are made separately, either through an aggregator or gateway model.

This service for maximizing your whole business is available to Kushki’s retail customers in: Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. And at no additional cost.

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And if your business admin is located outside LATAM, we have payment options available through our Global PSP business unit.

Reach out to an advisor today and transform your business management the smart, flexible way with the Kushki Hierarchies system.

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