Get to know our Payment Button

Charge your customers quickly and easily from a secure portal.

Redirect your users to a secure Kushki portal to complete their purchase using our Payment Button.

What are the benefits of having Payment Buttons?

More secure sales

By clicking the payment button, your customers are redirected to a secure Kushki portal to complete the purchase.

Subtle redirection

Add a subdomain with the name of your business and customize the payment portal with your brand and colors.

Payments from any device

Allow your customers to make their payments from their computer or mobile device.

Wider reach

Reach more customers by inserting the Payment Button in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

Why is our Payment Button ideal for your business?

Choose the simplest option! With easy integration and customizable view. If you already have your online store, you just have to integrate the Payment Button to start selling.

Ease of integration

Integrate it into your website or app and configure it depending on the needs of your business.

Customizable experience

Add your logo and colors to the portal from the Kushki Console and provide continuity to the payment experience.

Responsive experience

Offer an ideal payment flow for websites and mobiles, so your customers can access from any device.

Security validations

Protect your business with more checkpoints that your customer won't feel.

Multiple means of payment

Accept credit cards, debit cards, transfers and/or cash. Up to you.


The Kushki Payment Button generates a URL with a payment form that expires in 15 minutes. Know all the steps here.

Click a boton de pagos


Create and customize your Payment button

Set up the payment form from your console. Set up the subdomain and make sure it reflects your brand.



Integrate the Payment button in your front-end

This button redirects the end customer to a secure Kushki portal. Set up a success or failure page for your transactions.



Manage your transactions

Have access to all your information in the console. Download reports for all your payment methods and examine cancellations and chargebacks.

What are you waiting for to take your business to the next level? Increase your sales with our Payment Button.