What benefits will you get?

Faster collections

Their simplicity makes the purchase process easier for your customers and improves conversion.

More visibility

Use it in different communication channels and connect your customers by directing them to direct purchase.

Decentralize payments

Simultaneously receive payments coming from different channels.

Efficient processes

Integrate smartlink into your merchant and streamline your tasks by using it for different solutions.

Why is it ideal for your business?

With our solution you will be able to manage your payments through a dynamic and simple link that generates frictionless payment experiences.

Scalability for your merchant

Customer service:

Use it through your call center to solve unexpected changes in your customers' tour packages, allowing you to respond quickly and directly with a payment link that meets the new conditions.

Consultative sales:

Optimize the payment cycle of your customers by creating reminders of their insurance payments and sending a Smartlink to guarantee timely payment.

Constant promotion and sales

A useful tool to recover your delivery sales. Use it in special seasons or to give a wider reach to your promotions.


Implement our Smartlink and streamline the process to collect payments for household services. You will be able to speed up the process for the large number of users affiliated to your company.


How does it work?

Create, send and charge your customers efficiently with our Smartlink

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Create your payment link

Choose the option that best suits your business and customize the smartlink with your branding.



Share it

Send it directly to your customer through your preferred method and take them directly to the payment process.



Manage your collections

You will have access to the console in order to review real-time information and the status of your transactions.

Find out how to optimize your collections with Kushki!