1. Through Resolu.on No. SB-DTL-2018-450, dated May 4, 2018, the Office of Legal Procedures of the Banking Superintendency authorized Kushki S.A. as an Ancillary Services Company for payments and transac.ons in the Public and Private Financial Sectors.
  2. Through Resolu.on No. BCE-DNRO-2018-198, dated August 14, 2018, the Central Bank of Ecuador authorized Kushki to operate as a Payment Processing System.
  3. Through Resolu.on No. NAC-DNCRASC20-00000001 dated September 4, 2020, the General Office of the Internal Revenue Service authorized Kushki as a “Withholding Agent” for both income tax and value added tax (VAT).
  4. Through Resolu.on BCE-DNRO-2022-002 dated May 9, 2022, the Central Bank of Ecuador authorized Kushki to provide payment aggrega.on services.
  5. Kushki declares that, pursuant to the aforemen.oned authoriza.ons, it may act both under a Gateway scheme and/or in the capacity of Payment Aggregator, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service under Resolu.on No. NAC-DGERCGC21-00000026, dated May 12, 2021.
  6. In any event, subject to the Applicable Law, Kushki may provide Services through Kushki S.A. or other affiliated local with which a Services Agreement is signed.


The Services may be provided by Kushki S.A. or other affiliated local with which a Services Agreement is signed. Nevertheless, Kushki S.A. shall be the company that provides the regulated services, in accordance with the Applicable Law.


The Client's personal data entered in the PlaForm and collected by Kushki shall be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy available on Kushki's website and/or mobile applica.ons and/or digital tools and/or offices.

For any informa.on concerning the collec.on, registra.on, reten.on, modifica.on, consulta.on, use, communica.on by transfer, dissemina.on or any other type of access, comparison or interconnec.on, limita.on, dele.on or destruc.on of personal data, the Client must consult our Privacy Policy, available at:

If the Client collects personal data, it undertakes to inform Users of the corresponding privacy policy, which describes the personal data collected by the Client, as well as the purposes of the processing in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on Personal Data Protec.on and other applicable legisla.on. Furthermore, the Client agrees to obtain the consent of the Users for the transfer of personal data when required by law.

In addi.on to complying with the requirements of the Organic Law on Personal Data Protec.on and other applicable legisla.on, the Client has in place the security tools and cer.fica.ons required by the in Ecuador, necessary to safeguard the confiden.ality of the Client Account informa.on and Personal Data.


The Client acknowledges and agrees that the electronic means provided by Kushki (such as username, Password, etc.), will cons.tute the form of crea.on, transmission, modifica.on or termina.on of rights and obliga.ons arising from these T&C’s and the Privacy Policy, so that, in terms of the Law of Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signatures and Data Messages, Commercial Code, Civil Code and other applicable regula.ons, the means of iden.fica.on, in subs.tu.on of the handwricen signature, will have the same binding effects that the laws grant to documents with a handwricen signature and, consequently, will have the same value.


Services rendered in Ecuador shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Ecuador.

If Kushki is en.tled to ini.ate a collec.on ac.on for sums of money owed in its favor, the agree to submit such dispute to the order for payment procedure established in the Organic Code of General Proceedings or summary procedure, as applicable in the par.cular case.