Head of Risk Management

Ubicación: Ecuador, México


En Kushki estamos creciendo de manera acelerada. ¡Nuestra misión es conectar Latinoamérica con pagos!


Purpose of the role

The Head of Risk Management manages the team consisting of three core functions: (1) Onboarding, (2) Portfolio & Partner Management and (3) Scheme Management & Investigations. The team is responsible of underwriting new merchants and partners, and execute a thorough risk assessment on Kushki clients resulting in a conditional/unconditional go or no-go decision. These assessments are key for accepting or refusing new merchants / partners with a bad track record or shady/suspicious business.

The Portfolio and Partner Management review the existing client base (merchants and partners) for financial stability, performance and changes in activities, review requested adjustments to ensure that there is not an unlimited risk/exposure and/or a potential liability claim for Kushki and change the approval conditions accordingly. The Scheme and Merchant Fraud & Investigations monitors scheme compliance on acceptable business and investigates irregular activities within Kushki client base to protect the company for fraudulent behavior and reputation damage and ensure to operate within Kushki’s approved risk appetite.

The team review the merchant risk exposure and current deposit levels periodically based on the risk grade at a minimum of once a year for top exposure clients. In addition the team should focus on negative collections and bad debt risk on a regular basis (financial risk assessment) and advise the CRO and Management team accordingly (e.g. withhold money from transfer, settle accounts receivable, put an account on hold, change deposit level, disconnect merchant).

He / she should advice the CRO in maintain and improve current risk classification controls, which enables Kushki to tune the risk/exposure of a merchant with the required deposit levels (visa versa). Interact with external and internal stakeholders e.g. Sales / Account Management , Ops Risk, Finance, 2nd LoD to optimize services towards the existing clients and or enable expansion in to new markets based per approved policies or escalate to the Kushki  Risk & Compliance Committee to obtain requires special approval (waivers).  

Deliverables / Tasks 

  • Manage and execute / oversee risk assessments for all new clients. Determinate the risk category and set deposit levels or other guarantees based on the merchant risk rating, NDX and EAD. Decide up on the required fraud screening activities
  • Manage and execute risk assessments on top clients and contracts. Ongoing monitoring of the merchant activities, financials, websites, fraud, refunds & chargeback’s, ownership etc.
  • Monitor and assess the Kuskhi Portfolio to operate within approved authorization levels and risk appetite policy
  • Maintenance of all internal risk systems to agreed standards of accuracy and timeliness
  • Advise the CRO and Kushki Management in execution and improvements of the risk assessments on new and existing merchants
  • (RR) deposit calculations based on actual
  • Minimize credit risk losses from merchant defaults, merchant fraud and negative collections
  • Participate in Financial Risk meetings and monitor the level of negative collections and account receivables for settlement and on hold/release remittance of new and current account decisions
  • Co-operate/liaise with Sales for customer visits and communication
  • Communicate with customer service, sales representatives, finance, and other internal departments affected by merchant investigations
  • Prepare weekly overview of current issues to be discussed in the MT meeting and/or Board meeting
  • Advise and support sales department regarding client risk and securitization challenges
  • Liaise with the legal & compliance department on new business models and markets 

Experience and Professional Background

  • MBA or equivalent level
  • 3 or more years experience in a financial environment
  • Risk / business economic affinity
  • Pré Card Scheme and eCommerce experience and knowledge
  • Advanced English/Spanish



Fundada en 2017, Kushki ha estandarizado la interoperabilidad de pagos a través de Latam, habilitando pagos locales y conectando a la región a través de pagos transfronterizos con tarjetas de crédito y débito, transferencias bancarias, efectivo digital, wallets y otros medios de pago alternativos. Como resultado, la compañía ha experimentado un crecimiento exponencial, siendo valorizada en 600 millones de dólares y triplicando el tamaño de su equipo en 2021.


Kushki is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We embrace diversity and inclusion. Our employment decisions are made without discriminating based upon nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, color, disability or any other characteristics that are protected by law.